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    Products in India are hand-crafted one by one over time.
    For that reason, it is characterized by subtly different expressions in the same product, such as color, size, embroidery and crochet stitching.
    Please pay attention to the following in order to enjoy a unique texture.
      • Including materials, accessories such as lace and beads, and accessories such as embroidery are very delicate items, so please be aware of damage due to friction and hook.
      • There may be color transfer due to friction. Also when washing with rain, sweat etc as well as washing is the same, please be careful enough.
      • Since color may adhere to other clothing etc. by wearing, we recommend that you wear a similar color or dark color cardigan or parka, especially underwear, etc. Please wash alone when cleaning.
      • The back side of the embroidery part may cause irritation to the skin. We recommend that you wear one sheet of weak skin underneath.
      • Slipped seams may occur when strong force is applied.
      • In order to wear long in good condition, please be sure to check the attached quality display and attention cards when washing.